Cheryl Hooper
Art Direction, Design, UI, Interaction

Developing strategy, concepts, content for digital, print, and broadcast. Smart, yet simple marketing communication.

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I've had the privilege of working with some of the most talented people and wonderful brands in the country. I've written everything from television spots, to point of purchase. The last few years I've been evolving to digital and marketing work in pursuit of growth for myself and my clients. To round out my expertise, I am taking digital marketing with General Assembly in August, and then on to the UW to earn my certificate in marketing.


David Noland, Senior Art Director Kevin has a big magic bag of great ideas. He is a machine at slamming out creative, yet strategic concepts. Kevin has strong knowledge of the digital and print world. Able to thing deep into big campaigns or even breath life into a one off. Kevin is a very talented writer and any agency would be lucky to have him in their creative department.

Eric Walter, Director of Corporate Communications Kevin is a rock solid writer with a gift for copy. He’s creatively smart not just to show you that he’s the sharpest guy in the room – which a lot of the time he is – but that he understands a client’s business and their needs, both stated and unstated. Not an easy task. And he’s not a one-trick pony possessing the ability to work across all channels: digital, TV, radio, retail, direct. To me copywriting is like men’s figure skating you can’t just look good, there has to be substance. Thankfully for Kevin’s employers he has both. And to do it all with the personality of George Clooney and the humor of Richard Pryor – priceless.

Susan Anderson, Senior Internal Consultant, Provider Communications at Premera Blue Cross Kevin excels at transforming a creative concept into a brilliant piece of copy. He is talented and a pleasure to work with.

home | art direction & design | digital | ui & interaction | email | phone: 206-795-0810